What is Sponsor Connected?

Sponsor Connected is a new way to connect athletes and sponsors.
My name is Craig Richey, and I have been racing road, mountain, and cyclocross internationally for a number of years including three trips to the World Championships with the Canadian National team. In 2012 the cycling team I was set to ride for lost their title sponsor just before the start of the season and I was left scrambling to find personal sponsors or a new team. I quickly realized there was no efficient way to find and contact businesses that were looking to sponsor an athlete. Furthermore even if a business was looking for sports marketing opportunities it was difficult to contact the correct person and typically neither party knew what kind of sponsorship was expected or needed. So many cyclist and other athletes have gone through similar experiences and in my sponsorship quest I found that many businesses are interested in sports marketing but have no idea how to go about finding the best ambassador for their brand. Sponsor Connected was born.

How it works.
Athletes and potential sponsors create profiles that they use to market themselves and connect with each other. Profiles act like an interactive resume that can include photos, videos and links to websites and social media profiles. Simply creating a profile can be great publicity for an athlete or business and the best part is that it's all 100% free. The purpose of this site is to get more athletes and businesses involved in sport, not to make money. This site is ad supported and any money generated is re-invested in growing the site and getting more people sponsored.

Our mission is to get more athletes and businesses involved in sport.
From a grass roots local level to international professional sport, sport marketing is a great use of marketing dollars. Sport sponsorship engages a customer base in an environment they're passionate about, creating better awareness and a stronger connection with the brand than traditional advertising mediums. A bus or news paper ad does little to help your local community, in contrast sport sponsorship shows a clear commitment to community support and involvement while still generating brand awareness and loyalty. Having a sponsor gives an athlete the added confidence that someone believes in them as well as increased accountability for their actions. With sports sponsorship everyone wins.